Friday, 23 September 2011

Anyone still have a doubt on the theory behind the light wave as electromagnetic waves should go through this.

Wow Wow!!!!,
Nothing has fascinated me more than the ability of the mankind but this very proof has pulled me out of the skin and I am now a free soul of dancing spirit.
I always thought there are few things that need to be proved and refined in physics and this was one. I know now I have one less opportunity to be famous but it won’t pull me down from learning physics and rejoice the beauty behind nasty makeups.

Light, as people claimed to be an electromagnetic wave had no concrete proof 10 years before but now with the intellectuals of mankind has made Maxwell equations as a source of proof. The simplified equation has a form:
                               1/squreroot(magnetic permeability x absolute perettivity of free space)

The magnetic permeability and permittivity of free bears the value, 8.85x10^-12 C^2/N.m^2 and 4πx10^-7 respectively.
Inserting these values in the above equation you get the speed of light, i.e. 3 x10 ^8m/s.
Isn’t this fascinating?
All references are  from Conerent X-Ray Optics by  Paganin D.M.   

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